So What Is This All About?


Welcome to ‘Mad about Memphis’, a journal of my ‘love / hate’ relationship with the Bluff City!

As a tourist I visited Memphis many times and fell in love with the friendly, carefree atmosphere of Beale Street, the incredible musical and cultural heritage, the welcoming southern people…and of course the Peabody’s marching ducks. Coming to Memphis was always fun, always exciting and was pretty much my favorite city in the world.

Now several years later, for all sorts of extraordinary reasons, I am living in Memphis and have a wonderful wife and family. The city of Memphis continues to fascinate me but for different reasons. Living in memphis is the complete antithesis to visiting here on vacation - you see a very different side to the city and that side is not a great one.

The purpose of this Blog is simple, and that is to record the good and the bad of Memphis and remind me that for every aspect of the city that makes me hold my head in my hands and sigh, there are still things that inspire and excite me.